Yes who has not heard of the Scooter Store as their TV ads are everywhere.  According to the video the agencies had some information from former employees.  The Inspector General imagestated that 80% of power chairs were paid for in error, going to people who don’t need them.  $108 Million dollars is the amount stated in question.  One former employee stated they ranked doctors and has a persistent marketing format that “wore doctors down”.  This one will be interesting to follow.  150 Agents, that’s a lot of people to to seize the evidence.  Nobody has been arrested and no charges have been filed.  You can see the boxes of evidence being carried out.  The company did send back  $19 million to Medicare last year, and that sound like a lot of chairs.  BD

On Wednesday, 150 federal and state agents raided The SCOOTER Store headquarters in New Braunfels, Texas, and agents remain on the site. CBS News just spoke to an FBI agent Thursday morning who said workers will not be allowed back into headquarters through the day as the nation's largest power wheelchair company remains under investigation.

Late last year, former employees told CBS News the company's main goal is not to help patients -- it's to bulldoze doctors into writing prescriptions to boost profits. Former SCOOTER Store employee Brian Setzer said, "Bulldoze and get them to get the paperwork done."

The issue is that once a doctor has written a prescription, Medicare rarely verifies whether the chairs are actually necessary. The problem was crystallized when the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services released this report, finding that industry-wide, 80 percent of Medicare payments for power chairs are made in error, most going to people who don't need them, or who lack proof they need them.


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