This is a little off the regular path here but the Dr.Mike Vasilomanolakis  is a long timeOmar1 friend/client and worked 16 years promoting Omar in his spare time (and how much of that do cardiologists get this day and age).  It was a good thing he got started a number of years ago before we all tied rockets to our feet.  Also the music is nice and relaxing to the ear from Omar.  Who doesn’t need that today too, otherwise I wouldn’t have all these folks looking for the FDA approved non invasive Cranial Simulator for the treatment of depression!

What is moving though is the acceptance speech and that is what I wanted to share here as healthcare is becoming such a mad world of those searching for the perfect algorithm to solve all their problems (and we know it doesn’t really exist in the human world) and we forget that investing in a human can be the best thing that we can do. Omar2 I like technology and what it offers and how it makes me more intelligent and aware but there’s an epidemic of folks looking for the algorithm for the perfect butt, the happiness algorithm (watch this video to understand how you get fooled in thinking there is such a thing) and we forget that we are humans and how to balance our lives.  I introduced Dr. Mike to tablet computers a few years back and exposed him to social and other healthcare elements out there.  Below is the text of his acceptance speech and in healthcare we need to invest in humans as that’s what the business of healthcare is so when Dr. Mike is not in the cath lab his human investments are out there working too. 

“Sixteen years ago, a friend of mine came up to me and asked, ‘How are your investments doing?’”

He then said, ‘Have you ever thoughtOmar3 of investing in a human being?’”.
“He subsequently introduced me to Omar; I was moved by his music and we have worked together ever since. I can go on and on but suffice it to say, if anyone is able to, I would encourage them to invest in a human being. What you will find is when you help someone else achieve their dreams, in some miraculous way you achieve your own dreams as well.”

Thank you so much.God bless.

Thank you Grammys for making dreams come true.”

Now here’s a video from the Omar Fans on You Tube…and the title song…Omar is performing at the House of Blues on Sunset in early April.  This is the music that patients hear while waiting for Dr. Mike.  Take a listen…

Here’s the main Omar music website.  The fan's site on YouTube can be found here, with a lot more music.


And here’s Omar’s acceptance speech backstage at the Grammys. 


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