imageJon Stewart does a pretty good job with this serious topic.  There are 3 parts to the interview.  The point out that non-profits do make money.  MRIs are one of the first topics discussed and that has been in the news of late with the various charges and prices you get.  All the pricing is done with IT infrastructures that build on itself.  They don’t even touch the Health IT expenditures and how some of that goes.  I do that enough here.  Today saw this article about start ups and almost everyone of them looks like it has a model to sell data. 

Here’s part two…the Charge Master…the complexities…Jon Stewart says this should be “required reading”…and I’ll add my 2 cents in the fact that all the money is made with models and algorithms…

The US doesn’t use it’s buying power he states.  Medicare for example is the best paying insurer in town in Florida.  Here’s a recent story that talks about complexity and the discounts the insurers negotiate..a carrier paying less than Medicare…

The AAFP Confronts United Healthcare On Reimbursements, Some Are Below Medicare Rates In Parts of the US–Payment Algorithms/Formulas Calculated Deep Within IT Infrastructures Do the Job

In Part 3 we are getting to the core, a lot of what I talk about government snowed by corporate USA business models and the complexities they build, to make money.  If you want to see more about how it works, watch the videos in the left hand side of this blog or visit theAlgo Duped” page. 


The high costs are due to excessive outsourcing in many areas.  When you outsource remember those on the other end want to make money. 


Now for the other side of this too in how analytics used out of context get more of your money, read this article and watch the video and I tell you how analytics are written just to make money sometimes and how it further squeezes you as a consumer and the doctors.  Again watch the videos on the left on this blog to see how you get duped and how the profiteering is flawing the data.  They didn’t touch on the data selling aspect here but did you know Walgreens made short of $800 million in 2010 selling data only? Read more here.  More profits made on top of what is discussed here.  We are under the Attack of the Killer Algorithms.  BD

Big Data/Analytics If Used Out of Context and Without True Values Stand To Be A Huge Discriminatory Practice Against Consumers–More Honest Data Scientists Needed to Formulate Accuracy/Value To Keep Algo Duping For Profit Out of the Game


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