Other hospitals across the US are also considering beginning Canine imagepatrol programs.  The hospitals have gone to the dogs.  They can sniff out drugs or help in potentially violent situations.  The dogs don’t understand English for commands and are imported from Europe where they have under gone training.  The go strolling through the ERs and they are 99% a presence deterrent  just being present is enough.  Dutch, German or Czech are the languages they understand.  While working and on duty, the dogs must be muzzled.  BD

PHOENIX (AP) — If you visit Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, you may see a K-9 team patrolling the halls: a majestic, 68-pound Belgian Malinois imported from Holland and his handler, security Officer Brandon "Rudy" Morgan.
The dog, Stuka, is named after a type of World War II German bomber plane.
Stuka's calming presence is used in the emergency room when someone on street drugs, spice or "bath salts" comes in angry and aggressive. The dog is used in the neonatal intensive-care unit when a mother gets angry that her infant is being taken from her by Child Protective Services. Stuka also has searched rooms for illicit drugs and weapons.
But mainly just his presence is enough.

The Banner dogs are imported from Europe and are trained to receive commands in their native languages of Dutch, German or Czech.

At Banner Desert, Morgan said, if a person becomes aggressive with a doctor, Morgan or another officer intervenes with the dog.



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