This is one way to avoid that big bill school.  It’s been a while but I wrote about this a while back and now some of the provisions imagehave changed a bit making it a little more generous.  Up to $120,000 towards a school loan is given for a commitment to work 3 years in an under developed area or 6 years part time.  This is certainly one way to get your medical degree loan paid for and I would think a big incentive as the cost of medical school is growing out of reach for many without help.  At the end of last year, David Geffen in Los Angeles gave out over $100 million to expand opportunities for medical students where they can get their education 100% free.  BD

Philanthropist David Geffen Gives Record $100 Million Dollar to Create Scholarship Fund to Expand Opportunities for UCLA Medical Students–Video

The new doctors—spread out among 29 states, Washington and Puerto Rico—will split more than $10 million in medical school loan repayments issued by the National Health Services Corps. Up to $120,000 is being allocated to fourth-year primary-care medical students in exchange for a commitment to practice full-time for three years or part-time for six years in designated areas upon completion of their residency training.

An HHS recovery program fact sheet stated that nearly 250 scholarships and more than 4,000 loan repayments were awarded.


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