Remember the commitments back in 2011 (link below) with all the EHR vendors and other HIT entities who committed to using the Direct Pimageroject, just about all the major players.  You can read at the link below for a refresher.  Also HealthVault was right in there too with the PHR to offer their “Direct Project’ email system.  If you are a consumer with a HealthVault PHR, you can jump in there and get your physicians involved as each needs a email address.  This is cool stuff. 

Direct Project Announces Over 60 Healthcare and Health IT Organizations Committed to the Roll Out

Microsoft Delivers Encrypted E-mail Using Government “Direct Project” Security Protocols With HealthVault Personal Health Records

The video below is quite detailed but gives an overall technical presentation on how it works.  If you are not in Health IT, you can skip this one.  BD

Getting Started with Direct from Direct Project on Vimeo.

The members of the New York Healthcare Exchange for Medical Records are bringing on the same capability, doctors can email securely to other physicians.  BD

Clinician-to-clinician Direct messaging is now available across New York as part of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York, or SHIN-NY.

Albany Medical Center, one of the busiest trauma centers in Upstate New York, will be the state’s first provider using the Direct service, which integrates into providers’ electronic health record systems. Vendor certification for Direct messaging will begin this spring through the Interoperability Workgroup led by the New York eHealth Collaborative, which oversees SHIN-NY.

For Albany Medical Center, the Direct service is being powered by the Healthcare Information Xchange of New York (HIXNY), which serves as greater Albany and northern New York’s regional HIE.


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