Now if this doesn’t beat all as we spend time talking about how medical records save time and issues like this one happening.  The mother then remembered her delivery and getting a shot and asked the nurse if that is why the baby had meth in it’s urine.  They had to get a caseworker and another supervisor involved to straighten this out.  This was a poor showing on the part of this nurse and if she didn’t have access to the records then she/he should have asked.  BD

LAFAYETTE, Colo. - It's supposed to be the precious moment every mother waits for.
"I just wanted to bond with my baby," said new mother, Natalie Rossman.
For Natalie and her husband, Patrick, that moment was shattered before it could ever happen.
"The nurse, she came in and basically said, 'We have some test results that show your baby's urine contains amphetamines or methamphetamine.' I froze. I didn't know what she was talking about."
Rossman said the nurse then told her she was obligated to notify child services.


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