AirStrip began as a way for doctors to track and communicateimage with expectant mothers as an app and has grown from there with the IPhone and IPad.  Their platform is vendor neutral so it can sit on top of any medical records system and bring decision making and other important information to a cell phone.  As you can read from the back links the apps did seek and receive FDA approval.  I mention this as apps have been somewhat of a gray area with what does need FDA approval and what does not.  Obviously the information through the apps relate directly to patient care and safety so that answers their case.  Airstrip Cardiology was the second to get approval following the OBGN app. 

From the website:

“AirStrip built its revolutionary AppPoint™ software development platform with a vision of securely sending critical patient information directly from hospital monitoring systems, bedside devices, and electronic health records to a clinician's mobile device. AppPoint also solves core challenges in mobile software development, such as developing native applications that deliver a rich user experience while at the same time being able to scale and adapt to an ever-changing world of mobile operating systems and devices. FDA cleared, CE Marked and allowing for compliance with HIPAA regulations, the AirStrip platform delivers live waveform and other relevant clinical data - anytime, anywhere.”

Airstrip Gets FDA Approval for Critical Care and Cardiology – Remote Patient Monitoring

Here a video from an AirStrip presentation on how it works. 

In addition this video from TriStar Health also has additional details on how it is being used by interventional cardiologists and how it gets things going much faster in the cath lab which can mean life or death. 

Also worth mentioning here is the AliveCor Iphone monitor which is also getting a lot of press which is not related to AirStrip but it can be purchased by Doctors as well for that EKG on the run.  BD

FDA Finally Approves AliveCor Iphone Enabled Heart Monitor, Now and the Cat and Dogs Have to Share the Technology With Us

Launched today, AirStrip ONE™ will initially be implemented at Dignity Health as the first enterprise-wide, data- and vendor-agnostic mobility solution to securely deliver patient data from medical devices, electronic medical records (EMRs) and patient monitors to clinicians anywhere across the care continuum. The long-awaited key to mobileimage healthcare interoperability, AirStrip ONE enables more timely and collaborative clinical decision-making, and allows health systems to better track critical quality metrics, empower a mobile workforce, expand their networks, and ultimately achieve true clinical transformation.

“Most health systems today are working with a dizzying array of different EMRs, medical devices and other systems, all from different vendors, and are unable to really unlock the true value of these investments. At the same time, the days of physicians – particularly today’s overstretched specialists – practicing in one facility are numbered, as they are increasingly required to deliver care in multiple or remote locations,” said Alan Portela, AirStrip CEO. “As demonstrated through the commitment from Dignity Health, AirStrip ONE leverages the power of mobility to deliver the industry’s first enterprise-wide, vendor-agnostic mobile interoperability solution.”

AirStrip ONE will first be deployed at Dignity Health, a San Francisco-based health system with more than 300 care sites in 17 states, working together to co-develop AirStrip ONE uses in the primary care setting. The first implementations will be at Chandler Regional Medical Center (Chandler, Ariz.) and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center (Gilbert, Ariz.) in support of the recently-announced Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the Arizona Care Network. Extending the clinical and platform components of AirStrip ONE, Dignity Health and AirStrip will next mobilize St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., including a critical integration with EMR data from Dignity Health’s house-wide Cerner system and Allscripts ambulatory system.


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