This is a pill this time and not a cream or lubricant that is taken imageonce a day.  It is to help restore and strengthen vaginal wall tissues that cause pain during intercourse.  The medication binds to the receptors and activates some of the mechanisms that shut down during menopause.  It also raises breast cancer risk.  BD

It's not the pink Viagra many women have been waiting for, but a pill approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday aims to help women who have passed through menopause with a distinctly libido-killing problem: painful sex.

The FDA has approved a pill, Osphena, meant to be taken daily by post-menopausal women experiencing dyspareunia, or pain during sexual intercourse. Taken once daily, Osphena helps strengthen and build vaginal tissues, which respond to decreases in estrogen after menopause by becoming thin and more fragile. For roughly 32 million women in the United States, the result is discomfort, pain and tearing during intercourse.,0,3473428.story


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