This is freaky enough to look at.  This is as close as we get to imagethe bionic man.  The developer of the robot was born without a hand and thus his interest in creating the bionic man.  Good questions asked, should people who have limbs replaced be allowed to have a much more powerful hand than what is human?  In time as crazy things go, would people begin having an arm removed to get one that is robotically superior?  They just about have and implantable working kidney so of course this will hopefully be moved over into other areas of technology, the one Rex has now it not quite there. 

Rex has the same face as his owner, so Mr. Meyer has a real kind of evil looking twin.  BD

Meet Rex. Rex is a terrifying (yet somehow optimistic) visimageion of the future. Rex is a humanoid robot, as close as we’ve come to a bionic man—a composite of all the advances medical engineers have made in creating functional artificial human organs.

“Rex has a heart that beats with the help of a battery,” says Discover Magazine, “Rex’s fist-sized dialysis unit works like a real kidney, and his mock spleen can filter infections from his ‘blood.


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