I made sure I put “humor” in the title as of late we have some GOP folks not being able to distinguish the difference:)  If you imagemissed that one here’s the link…and here we have our favorite Health IT satire buddies back at it.  Let’s face it, what choice do you have but suicide if you can’t afford to change or are stuck for other reasons…might as well just put an end to it now:)

Digital Literacy Needed–Senator McConnell Staff Falls for Parody Blog Post–Everything On the Internet Is Not True, Duped, Duped and Duped Again

Here’s video they did back in 2011 and with the link above this is worth repeating again as I think it even has more meaning today with the next phase of meaningful use coming along....enjoy.  BD 

Electronic health record vendor Extormity today announced that nearly 75 percent of its existing customer base reports being dissatisfied, extremely dissatisfied or contemplating suicide based on the decision to implement the Extormity EHR solution. Further, Extormity expects nearly 40 percent of its clients to de-install their solution in 2013 and switch to another vendor.

Citing a recent study which indicated that nearly 20 percent of EHR users could be switching out their first choice EHR this year, Extormity CEO Brantley Whittington stated "We are ecstatic that unhappiness levels among our clients clearly outpaces the industry average."

"Even as analysts are expressing concern with these statisticsimage, these findings have generated incredible buzz about Extormity - resulting in a disproportionate share of media attention," added Whittington. "Better yet, the focus on dissatisfaction levels has obscured questionable financial dealings, several catastrophic medical errors linked to flawed clinical decision support algorithms, and more breaches than you can shake a stick at."

While the projected de-conversion rate could be considered alarming, Extormity officials remain bullish on the company’s future. "While much of our installed base is fleeing the good ship Extormity, we are winning new clients at a record pace as providers head for the exits with other vendors who also made expensive empty promises," added Whittington.

"When one considers early termination penalties, exorbitant costs for data conversion and the steep hourly rates we charge clients who are transitioning away from our EHR, we expect record profits which will fund the construction of our new corporate headquarters."

About Extormity

Extormity is an electronic health records mega-corporation dedicated to offering highly proprietary, difficult to customize and prohibitively expensive healthcare IT solutions. Our flagship product, the Extormity EMR Software Suite, was recently voted “Most Complex” by readers of a leading healthcare industry publication.
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