I have been following this one along for a couple years now and great to see the approval here. 

The system works with a pair of eyeglasses aiding the process, but gee, what’s a pair of glasses when you can’t see at all.

The glasses have a transmitter that sends that information wirelessly to a receiver attached to the surface of the eye. 

After than happens there’s a tiny cable to an electrode array implanted in the retina, stimulating it to emit electrical pulses. The pulses trigger signals in the retina that travel through the optic nerve to the brain, which perceives patterns of light and dark spots that correspond to the electrodes stimulated. In May of 2011 the device was approved in Europe. 

Argus II “Artificial Retina” Wins European Approval

"Bionic" eye restores vision after for a 73 year old man after 30 Years of no sight

This is great to see what partial sight has added and the video explains the surgical process needed to use the device.  So far it only sees black and white but this is great compared to zero sight. BD 




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