This funny when he pulls out a donut, basically making light of all thimagee talk about his weight.  Letterman asked does your family every talk about your weight, every day he says.  What is good here is that he takes the joking in stride and doesn’t get bullied at all and uses common sense.  He also on a serious note talks about the people and businesses that still need help in New Jersey.  42,000 families are still homeless and 82,000 businesses are still out of commission.  He says his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. 

This is much better than the serious focus asked about his weight with Barbara Walters.  Fat people need to lose weight and are not evil as the media puts out over and over and over with stats, report sand more stats that elevate an already big sense of urgency, which we all kind of have anyway with knowing this is a behavioral issue.    We are not going to fix the obesity problem over night and education still is the best and it is not the cause of the state of the economy, the banks did that.  BD


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doesn't put up with much guff from reporters, but the famously brash Republican governor showed his laid back side last night in an interview with CBS' "The Late Show," laughing off host David Letterman's repeated questions about his weight.

Christie, who has brushed off past suggestions that his weight might impact his abilities as a politician - either in his current station as governor or, potentially, a higher office - told Letterman his health is "startlingly good" and that he has normal blood sugar and cholesterol both.

"I'm basically the healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life," he said.


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