imageI have featured some of Sean Gourley here before and you can view another of his videos on the left side of this blog.  He talks about his company and how to take big data and visualize it.  You may have seen something similar to this before but as he states when you get thousands of keyword responses from Google it’s going to take you a very long time to go through all of them.  With visualizing you can find regions of information quickly.  Even the novice can use a system as such.  The WHO easily comes to mind for me when looking at health related items world wide.  You could be looking at clinical trial results and be able to quickly drill down to where you want to go.

He uses the “Occupy” movement as an example as to where they were, and how the connected and see how it evolved.  This is very interesting.  We live in  very complex world and we still have to make decisions.  The brain we are born with is not enough and we need machines to help.  He uses NASA as an example on going to China since they are broke.  Very interesting and certainly a way to get a handle on what big data produces and also knowing that it’s team work and humans are required.  BD


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