The two hospital systems actually announced the plans for the new network, Covenant Health back in August of last year.image  This makes it official and the two systems are the best in Orange county.  The offices will be based in Irvine so I am guessing it’s in the office area of the new Hoag facility.  This will be one large non profit group of 6 hospitals.  The article states that patients should not really see any difference.

Two Big Non Profits, Hoag Hospital and St. Joseph Announce An Affiliation For Better Healthcare in the OC

Hoag will keep its Presbyterian affiliation while St. Joseph will remain with it's Catholic affiliation.  Abortions will be done at the Hoag facilities as they have been, where St. Joseph does not participate. 

St. Joseph Health and Hoag Hospital have formalized a partnership to streamline health care in Orange County with the creation of Covenant Health Network, hospital officials announced Thursday.

The state attorney general's office has approved the so-called "affiliation" that will bring together the resources of Hoag's hospitals in Newport Beach and Irvine with St. Joseph's hospitals in Orange, Mission Viejo, Fullerton and Laguna Beach.

The new nonprofit company will result in the six hospitals, and their networks of doctors and outpatient clinics, providing roughly one-third of healthcare in Orange County and more than 2,000 hospital beds.

Timagehe Covenant network, based in Irvine, will focus on preventive health, new services, improved medical outcomes and access for low-income residents. Dr. Richard Afable, who has been chief executive at Hoag since 2005, will become chief executive of Covenant, effective Friday. He will be replaced at Hoag by Robert Braithwaite, the hospital's chief operating officer.


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