Kaiser is the largest privately owned integrated management companies in the US.  The company has been using Oracle products for a number of years.  Provisioning access for nurses and doctors was the issue and needed automation.  Certifying access to networks is done a much quicker fashion.  They now have a single source of “truth” for all their identities which they did not have before.  Applications can be brought on faster and the choice of Oracle has saved money and made compliance costs by about 50%.  It took Oracle 10 years to rewrite and fully integrate all their products completely, so next time you want something in a hurry, give that some thought as complexity rules today no matter what you do.   

Security is on everyone’s mind today so it’s interesting to see what is being installed throughout healthcare. 

Here’s another video on Oracle Event Flow with imagelooking at analyzing electronic medical records. This is how it works with the University of Maryland and Oracle gave the University a gift as the University also relies on funding from the NIH. We talk a lot about big data and finding missing jewels and here’s one solution.

Also at Harvard Medical Oracle is also working to find solutions imagefor doctors and patients help reach a diagnosis solution.  We always hear e-Patient Dave talk about wanting his data and this is certainly a way to gain patient involvement in their care, the visuals help a lot.  Money to fund this from Oracle has been very helpful here too as you hear in the video.  I do enjoy listening to the woman who builds data bases and of course she’s key to how this is developed and works. 

So in short, do you think Oracle will come up with a “speed’ based imagesolution to compete with IBM Watson?  I think so as about 3 years ago he said he wanted to be T.J. Watson:)  You can hear what he said 3 years ago  (video below) and he’s right on target with the Sun Acquisition and combining hardware and software.  Now if you want to move 3 years forward video at the link below. We want to beat IBM, that’s our goal. The video below was before he made his one infamous tweet.  BD 

Larry Ellison The Full and Uncut Interview At the All Things Digital Conference–The Good Stuff - How Larry Thinks and and Works – “Men Who Know Code”



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