This is story and a half but I’ll take my coffee as a beverage.  For 2 years a few enemas every day.  When we hear about the imagec diff fecal transplants who knows?  I wonder how many bathrooms they have in the house.  They both work from home so they can do their thing whenever they want.  Hilarious watch them go to the store and how picky they are about the flavors…I didn’t think that happened at that end:)  I could go on there but I’ll stop.  I guess if it works for them and they can adhere to this …well knock yourself out.  It’s a good thing they are both in this together as if they were not, the other partner might not be as excited about the idea. 

The pictures in the video certainly don’t seem to look like a normal enema session for sure but this is the web and TV so I’m guessing a little dress up was in order here:)  BD


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