imageMy first thoughts until I listened further was I hope this is the medical school (grin), and of course it was not.  You have to love this though as everything was open for research and some we too lazy to research, oh well.  So Jon has his day here with his comments and you know what the class was?  This is the funniest part of the video yet: 

And the the Subject of the Test was: Government 13, Introduction to Congress, and if that is not ironic and funny, I don’t know what is…were they afraid to use any websites of those currently serving in Congress?  Maybe that’s why they cheated (grin) as those sites didn’t offer any quality information  (grin)?    Now go back and read something serious where you get cheated all the time where algorithms live and bite:)  I think I can say though that neither the House nor the Senate can recognize a good law modeling too when it’s put in their face and stuck on their nose.  Yup, we get back to “its for those guys over there” once again. Maybe they could write their own grant?  Was this a message from the students perhaps too in a back door fashion?  All good questions.  BD  

Where Should Watson Go Next-The House and Senate For Some Needed Additional Intelligence for Data Mining and Searches


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