He’s going to teach children how math relates and applies in imageevery day life states the article.  Too bad he can’t get the Speaker of the House in a couple of classes:)  If he inspired Marissa Mayer back in the early 90s, he’s been around for a while.  The doctor lectures around the country at National Youth Science Foundations and says he feels honored that he had an impact on Marissa’s education choices. BD

People may wonder why an Ivy League-educated physician who once inspired the CEO of Yahoo would spend his free time teaching mathematics, science and engineering to boys and girls at the Ocie Hill Neighborhood Center in Mansfield’s north end.

He graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude with highest honors in engineering and applied sciences; earned a medical doctor degree and a doctorate in biomedical engineering from Dartmouth; became a North Atlantic Treaty Organization post-doctoral fellow to Denmark; completed internship, residency and post-doctoral fellowship in radiation oncology at Yale University; and was awarded a U.S. patent for one of his inventions.

“I want to encourage these students to do three things: build something, think about what they do, and reason about the world around them,” said the doctor, who hopes to show boys and girls the relevance of mathematics in every day life.

People think mathematics is about numbers, but it’s really about reasoning and understanding the relationship of things that often cannot be directly seen.” said Dr. Nguyen, who also wants to impart the message that it’s OK to make mistakes. To illustrate, he opened his math notebook and showed a page crossed out with a large X because although the equations there were all correct, the idea they represent is wrong.



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