Leave it to Jon Stewart to add some humor to the topic.  He does a good job here with looking at perceptions in the US and there imagereally are two different societies and I see it doing this blog every day.  I have to sort out the nonsense or the stuff that belongs in “virtual values” here every day.  I have never seen anything like it before in my entire life. 

Anyway, this video focuses on “the virtual” and they make a point of that word, so I’m not alone out there:)  He kicks in with “whatever it takes” to save lives in the US with everything from heart disease, what we eat.  It does a good mockery here of the values we see on the news, going one day without meat? 

Medicaid and Obamacare is the next topic…save American lives above the poverty line…and then there’s guns and climate control.   BD


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