Here’s yet another one and being a former developer myself I look at all of these such groups andimage realize right up front that developers can’t be serious about this unless they have some other source of income to get involved, it just is what it is.  You can read the press release below.  I think we are reaching the tipping point as well where developers too are starting to see through some of this as gosh knows there’s been enough of them out there.  I call it “Cash for Code” and other big companies such as Verizon have run these as well.   You can innovate your heart out here if you can afford to eat and pay your rent. 

One More “Cash For Code” Innovation Center From Ex United Healthcare Executive
Verizon Latest to Enter “Code for Cash” Prize Format With $1 Million Top Pay Out for Writing Healthcare Apps That Use Their Platform, Is This the New “Corporate Business Model” To Yield Inexpensive Code?

Read between the lines and they want more monitoring apps for folks over 50.  You have a choice of nine categories to where you might want to spend some time and it’s the same old thing with a new cover basically.  We do at 50 dwarf the younger population a we are older and have a lot more data to harvest, that part is correct.  It’s not like there’s a shortage of these types of applications by all means, we have a glut of them actually. 

AARP is always a willing partner as they get paid from United for marketing, link below. 

UnitedHealthGroup and AARP Get Cozier, AARP Still Gets Paid for Marketing Use of AARP Name As AARP Becomes an Optum Labs Data Selling Promoter Amidst Doctor Complaints Received Relative To United Firing of 5500 MDs–Subsidiary Watch

So again another “Cheap Code for Cash” it appears here for all the glory and minimal compensation you may desire to participate for the young folks to figure out how to create some apps for us plus 50 that will collect data and monitor us.  Many folks anymore see most of this up front and are headed for the exits as privacy concerns today are becoming a much greater concern and we know United Healthcare and AARP are both data sellers and make some pretty big dollars doing it as well as being such a strong mentor with CMS over the years with a lot of their quantitated business models.  BD  

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AARP and UnitedHealthcare, two of the leading organizations in senior advocacy and health care, today announced the launch of “The Longevity Network” to promote innovations in health care that will improve the quality of people’s lives as they age.

“The Longevity Network will help foster innovations across the consumer and health care landscape that will improve the health and well-being of the 50+ population”

AARP and UnitedHealthcare have focused on nine innovation “frontiers” that offer a framework for distinct innovation pipelines so entrepreneurs can focus their attention on these high-need areas. The nine frontiers are: medication management; aging with vitality; vital-sign monitoring; care navigation; emergency detection and response; physical fitness; diet and nutrition; social engagement; and behavioral and emotional health.

The Longevity Network will promote innovation by focusing entrepreneurial attention on these large, high-growth market spaces. The goal is to drive a national dialogue about the longevity economy and ensure everyone driving innovation in this country is asking themselves, “What is our 50+ strategy?”

The Longevity Network will include focused research, success stories and discussion groups, and will regularly publicize significant achievements in this area and the best innovations in each of the nine frontiers. The innovations will be evaluated for recognition based on their potential impact, marketplace viability, business model, originality, quality of design and consumer appeal.

The two organizations unveiled the digital platform,, at the 2014 HealthTech Conference in San Mateo. The platform is a central hub where entrepreneurs, advocates and consumers can share information and access ideas, press and other media, social feeds and event invitations about health care innovation for the 50+ community.

Breakthrough technologies, innovative services and disruptive business models are expected to represent $30 billion in cumulative revenue over the next five years and benefit more than 100 million people 50 and older, according to a study from health research firm Parks Associates.


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