This is good information to be aware of and don’t panic when you listen to the video as you may or may not be in inimage HIE and as the video states, they all work a little differently.  The video is from the World Health Forum and Pam Dixon does a good job explaining how this works. 

Your information could also be on more than HIE and she makes some good points here that some HIEs just have pointers, in other words there’s a link to your file but no records have been shared.  I would guess this is more common as the link would tend to save space and it would not be shared until it is needed.

Some have part of your file, some have none of your file and some may have all.  She states to be sure to get a copy of the the privacy policy of the HIE.  You will have to give permission for your records to be exchanged and that is normally on file for anyone wishing to access to see.  Sometimes you have options on which areas to share and not, and other times it’s an all or nothing.

How to request all medical records that have been exchanged in an HIE from World Privacy Forum

You may also remember it was the World Privacy Forum that created the report about “The Secret Scoring of America” which I reference quite frequently and if you have not seen it, use the link below.

World Privacy forum Report - The Scoring of America: How Secret Consumer Scores Threaten Your Privacy and Your Future - One Big Element that Fuels the Continued Attack of Killer Algorithms & Demise of the Middle Class Creating Profiteering And/Or Denial of Access

In the next video she discusses how to potentially delete your records from an HIE, which may or may not be possible.  Some HIEs will allow you to opt out of sharing and it really is pretty rare that you will ever be able to delete your files from your doctor’s office but with the HIE arenas where your information has been shared, you could be able to delete the “shared” files at the HIE.  As she states the HIE is not required to give you the option to delete your files. 

Can I remove my records from an HIE? from World Privacy Forum on Vimeo.

Now that you have read this far, there is a better way to share electronic medical records and it’s called Zoeticx.  Your files when needed by another hospital get connected and are live when sharing is needed, but then when done, the connection drops and so does the sharing so your records never leave your doctor’s office.  This is new engineering and it can work on any EMR and for the patient knowing where their records are this is big.

Zoeticx Clarity Server - Middleware HIE Will Save Millions Maybe Billions With HIE And Has 3-6 Year ONC Compatible Time Line, Works Using APIs, Web Apps Where Nobody Has to Swap Out Their EHR…

Here’s a simple example of how that works and again you can see how this works, pretty cool and again your records never leave and integrate with another doctor, nurse, etc. when needed.  Care Intelligence from Zoeticx  requires all devices to be registered as well, another big security plus.  There’s nobody getting access without a registered device. 

HIEs are expensive to maintain too and some have gone broke and have closed and in such cases the hospitals and doctors may have to go back and get the records removed before the huge data base closes it’ operations. 

So now you have watched both and as we all know technology is changing all the time.  The Zoeticx system of course houses a signed patient permission form to allow sharing as well, but again do you not feel a lot better as a patient knowing that your chart is not moving, but the the vital information needed to share or maybe save your life is there and available?  Of course you do and again there’s no HIE to worry about having your records. 

Again though the videos above tell you a bit about how HIEs work and how they have some, none or part of your records to share today, again with your permission.  BD 


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