Ever since fecal transplant came out, they are always good for conversation and originally it was kind of a nutty idea but its works for C Diff.  Who would have ever thought there would be such success:)  A while back I wrote about the poop pill imageand now it looks like in Massachusetts they have it working. 

Fecal Transplant Created in Pill Form-How Big Is That Pill?

The FDA got in the act as well with Fecal Transplants but has somewhat backed down since then.  Obviously their concern was about the quality of the poop and the process of a transplant.  Poop is cheap and the price is right, one clear benefit. 

FDA Rules Physicians Now Must File An Investigational New Drug Application Before Proceeding With a fecal Transplant For CDiff

When you read the article, they tried snaking a tube down the nose and that would not be fun and people could inhale the poop too.  The pills have to be frozen and clean donors of course are needed.  15 pills a day was the dose and it worked.  The diarrhea was cured almost immediately.  There’s more work to be done but it looks like this beats taking more drugs for a bad case of C Diff.  BD 

Fecal transplants can be life-saving for people with stubborn bacterial infections, but they're not for the faint of heart. So doctors have come up with a way to make them more palatable – the frozen poop pill.

People infected Clostridium difficile suffer debilitating diarrhea, but the bug often defies antibiotics. Doctors have recently discovered that a fecal transplant will restore good gut bacteria that banishes the C. diff. But the procedure is awkward, requiring a donation of fresh feces, usually from a relative, and a colonoscopy to deliver it.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital figured they could improve on that. First they tried delivering the fecal transplant through a tube snaked down the nose and into the stomach. It delivered the healthy bugs, but wasn't much fun.



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