This is great if you remember the song from the “Kinks” “Lola”..I don’t even think Dr. ZdoggMD is imageold enough to have to lived through it the first time:)  Ok so I’m feeling old when I hear this song. 

The former hospitalist from Berkeley, now in Las Vegas keeps us all entertained for sure!  Pretty soon he can give up practicing medicine…maybe?  The other partner playing the guitar is hysterical. 

His other Garth Brooks is pretty funny too “I’ve got friends with low platelets”….

“I’ve Got Friends With Low Platelets” Video Parody And Humor…

His TED talk is pretty good too about Zombie Doctors and he talks about his career and history.  He’s done a lot as I remember the very early videos and they get better all the time.  BD

Are zombie Doctors Are Taking Over America- TED Dr. Damania Reinventing Primary Care, Making it Affordable Without Routine Health Insurance Headaches For Care…


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