Well if it’s not AARP and United wanting cheap code, or even Verizon, they do it too, here’s another opportunity to knock yourselves out and write some cheap code that will benefit Walgreens.  If you don’t win, you don’t get anything here either, but imageif it’s marginal and the Walgreens code department can use it even if you’re not the official winner, maybe they might throw a few dollars at you, who knows. 

AARP and United HealthCare Form “Longevity Network”–Time To Find Some More “Cheap Code” Looking For Millennials Still Living At Home Who Can Afford The Time To Write…Cash For Code Again

Walgreen has some other issues going on over there too as they just lost their CFO over some bad accounting algorithms and he’s now suing them and their VC investment head left as well as their VP of Merchandising too. 

Walgreens Loses CFO-Attacked By the KillerAlgorithms You Could Say As He Missed on the Pharmacy Earnings by Over a Billion

Just a little side note, Walgreens is also busy suing CVS over some mobile code too, so no wonder they want to line up some cheap code apps here:)  Whatever you do, don’t cheat if you get into this contest and use someone else’s code right now.  We know they need some more apps to probably collect some more data, preferably on us older folks because we have more of it. 

Walgreens Suing CVS, Rite Aid, Wants License and IP Damage Reimbursement, Patent Violations, Software Used For Refilling Prescriptions Via Mobile Phone Scanners…Not Getting Enough Data to Sell?

So there you go, one for “cash for cheap code” contest on the board.  They keep doing all of these and I wonder when the novelty is going to wear off and when the younger coders are going to demand some decent pay for this?  Also don’t forget that Walgreens now is partnering with WebMD to get some more of your data with rewards points next year.  You will have to log on to the WebMD page and upload data from widgets and trackers.    That sounds like the kind of stuff insurers want to get a hold of.   In some Walgreens stores you might have the pharmacist jump over the counter to sign you up for the YMCA or other Untied Healthcare programs as they get pay for performance money from United to do so.  BD

UnitedHealthCare To Use Data Mining Algorithms On Claim Data To Look For Those At “Risk” of Developing Diabetes – Walgreens and the YMCA Benefit With Pay for Performance Dollars to Promote and Supply The Tools

Henry Ford Health System Innovations is supporting the Walgreens Balance Rewards App Challenge to find new mobile applications that encourage healthy behavior and improve disease management.

The challenge aims to drive healthy behavior through incentives, making it easier and more affordable for patients to manage their conditions, and for doctors and their preferred Walgreens pharmacy to better engage in a patient’s overall health and recovery.

The contest encourages the integration of Walgreens’ Balance Rewards incentive program's application program interface. This will allow users to earn Balance Rewards points for making healthy lifestyle choices. These rewards can be redeemed at participating Walgreens for merchandise, both in-store and online.

Categories and awards in the contest are as follows:

*Walgreens Best Overall App Integration Award ($7,000)

*Henry Ford Health System Patient Engagement Award ($3,000)

*People’s Choice for Best App Integration Award ($3,000)

Third-party app developers can access contest details and submit an integrated app entry by visiting the challenge page through Nov. 28. Winners will be announced during the Walgreens session at the upcoming mHealth Summit in Washington D.C., Dec. 7-11.



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