Here’s a surgeon that’s in the know with data brokers.  He’s tuned in and knows how data can be used against you.image  He talks how the data selling impacts reporting to the type of care patients get.

If you read here often enough, you hear a lot about privacy.  He talks about not getting the full story with data.

Dr. Scott Barbour says the tracking has gone too far.  This video was generated around the same time the hospital in North Carolina came out with their story on wanting more and more and more data and want doctors to rummage through those records.

Oh Crap, Now hospitals Are Now Buying Data From Acxiom - Data Selling Epidemic Continues to Evade on Personal Privacy As “Algo Duped-Stat Rat” People Try to Implement Virtual Models That Won’t Work…

We all should know by now that selling your credit card transactions has become big business out there and it’s almost to the point to where anyone can buy them in the corporate world.  He talks about how this is just “part of the data” that comes from the web.  Here’s the campaign at the link below  to get a law passed to license data sellers.  Why?  We don’t know who they all are and they score and sell your data and they are making billions upon billions, a profit making epidemic for corporate America.  BD

Transparency With Data Selling -We Need An Index On Who They are

Transparency And Privacy Campaign - Need to License All Who Sell Data So We Know Who They Are - Why All Privacy Laws have Failed, We Have No Index…Please Help..


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