Here’s another United subsidiary you may or may not be aware of but they have been around since2011 and I wrote about them then.  In addition, the company Hi Health Innovations has also worked out a deal with for Veterans to be able to purchaseimage their hearings aids.   Many who have Medicare Advantage plans with United are finding that this brand is the only hearing aid coverage United offers so other companies are out of luck unless the patient pays for it themselves. 

United Healthcare Buys Two HMOs in Florida–More Cheap or Free hearing aids for Seniors Perhaps–Subsidiary Watch

Hi Health Innovations had a online hearing test which I think was killed by the FDA.   You get your hearing tested independently and then send Hi-Health the results and they build  the hearing aids. They mail them to you and you have to get on the phone with them and work out any fitting problems if they arise, along with your doctor. 

So now hearing aids become a part of the employer insurers plans offered and discounts will be offered.  The hearing aids can be a single offering or part of a benefits package.  I might guess you could possibly read some pitches over at AARP on the products as well and might be financed. 

A UnitedHealth Group Inc. venture is launching a program for employers that want to offer low-cost hearing aids to their workers.

Hi HealthInnovations, part of Minnetonka-based UnitedHealth's Optum unit, began selling its own line of low-cost hearing aids in 2011, initially distributing the devices through its Medicare programs.

Eden Prairie-based Hi HealthInnovations' program for employers is free to businesses and will allow workers to buy hearing aids for as low as $699, the company said Thursday. Commercial hearing aids often sell for between $1,200 and $3,000 or more.

Businesses can offer the program as part of a benefits package or independently.

Arden Hills-based IntriCon Corp. supplies the hearing aids to hi HealthInnovations.


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