Hospitals are aware of course of the potential penalties but such a large number might indicate some adjustments of some thresholds here.  You can open and download a csv spreadsheet here.   California had 223 hospitals fined and that sounds almost like close to allimage of them.  Keep in mine the 2% reduction is also still in place for the sequester that hospitals are still feeling.  Hospitals in Ohio recently were complaining about how Medicare distorts the true costs of hospitals.

Antiquated Ways Hospitals Report Cost to Medicare “Really Distorts” The True Cost of Care–New Model Please..

Around 1 in 5 patients returned within 30 days.  Many hospitals are losing money so this hurts even a little bit more.  There’s big names on the list as well.  Lung ailments were added this year to the chronic conditions and that’s why the list grew.  The penalties are based on three years of data and started in 2010.  Many that have improved are still being fined, again new model needed.  Here’s a hospital that just closed a few days ago. 

Hospital Abruptly Closes as Creditor Called in Debt in Ohio-300 Jobs Gone Instantly

I can see the efforts of Medicare working on re-admission and the reason for the focus but this seems a little rough with all the other pressures hospitals have today.  BD 

Medicare evaluated the readmission rates of the nation’s hospitals in determining the third year of penalties in the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. Medicare will apply the penalties to all its payments for patient stays between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015.
2015 Medicare Readmissions Penalties

This chart lists states in the first column. That is followed by the percent of each state’s hospitals that were penalized. That includes hospitals exempted from the fines, such as those serving veterans and children. The next column shows the average penalty for penalized hospitals. The final column shows the total number of hospitals penalized in each state.

* The penalties do not apply to Maryland hospitals, as that state has a unique reimbursement arrangement with Medicare, and thus Maryland is not included in this table.


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