We all know by now or should know who Glen Greenwald is after his part in the Snowden NSA revelations.  This is a good lecture and he covers a lot and this is not about the NSA only, it’s about privacy all over the web.  He discusses how people’s perceptions have no clue on how exposed they really are because you don’t see it, it’s working on servers 24/7 that you can’t see, or talk to.  He disses the perception that people that think they have nothing to hide, so it’s ok to harvest your data and you couldn’t be more wrong if you subscribe to that perception. image

Consumers don’t fear what the government or others may know about you and you couldn’t be “more” wrong.  He brings up Eric Schmidt from Google with a quote “if you are doing things you don’t want people to know about, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it at all”…and listen to what Glen tells you about that misconception.   We all have our private realms.  Schmidt also ordered all Google employees to stop communicating with CNET after they published an article about personal information all about Erick Schmidt that they used a Google search to find:)

Furthermore he talks about Mark Zuckerberg and his privacy issues, buying houses all around him of late to ensure he has some privacy.  His example, watch the video is pretty funny about asking your for your email account names, and there’s no takers of course, but a very good correlation to make his point.  We are social animals and we have a need for other people.  We need to have a place to go to be free of the judgmental positions of others.  We all need privacy and make judgments every day about what we don’t want others to know about. 

He has a good point as our behavior changes when we know we are being watched and that is true.  Why do you think wearables are sinking?  We don’t know who’s getting that data and what we are doing, again this is where privacy matters and why in the real world, people are running for the exits. 

Wearables Again, Consumers Are Not Going There Until We Get Some Transparency and Privacy Efforts As We Know There’s Data Being Collected But We Don’t Know Where It Goes…

We end up being in a “mental mind” prison more effective than brut force could ever be.  This is why too there’s the pitch to buy into more and more monitoring with technology.  There are reasons and uses for “good” technology to help with healthcare but again we need those parameters explained.  Glen also disses the fact that “it’s only bad people who want privacy” and nothing could be farther from the truth as when you bring about context, we all know how data files can and are taken out of what really happened or occurred. 

Could You Imagine a World With Stock Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, Etc. Not Having to Be Licensed? How Would We Know Who They Are? Data Sellers Need To Be Licensed Too, So We Know Who They Are..

So think about this when you hear “compliance” in healthcare and how important privacy is with such.  We have so many broken models and trust is a big part of it so think about that when it comes to software models that need to work in harmony with us.  Use the image at the right to find out more about the “privacy/transparency” campaign I have going and see what companies are harvesting your data and making billions, while at the same time removing dignity from the US consumer’s life. 

We need to know and be able to trust and we don’t have that now and thus so until we have licensing and an index out there so we can see who’s mining and selling data, the resistance will continue to grow along with the data as again folks subscribe to what Glen said about about “not doing anything wrong” as context will enter and data can be tweaked to present a picture that is not true.  Watch video in the footer of this blog if you have time “Context is Everything”.   Again as long as the trust and lack of transparency exists, the resistance will be always be there.   BD 



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