As you can read below, a lot of elective surgical procedures here, so this means orthopedic procedures. image The hospital closed down the surgery rooms after the JACO inspection.  There were 4 patients who had surgery in the same room that came down with infections.

Someone notified JACO and they came out and found some issues.  The hospital was given preliminary denial of accreditation which means no Medicare payments if they lose that. 

Well the hospital is also ready to open their big neuroscience and spine institute so the time is not good when you think of money as those rooms are not making any money while closed.  This is a a brand new wing added to the hospital with cutting edge technologies. 

It will include three operating rooms will equipped with technology to project images of patients’ brains on the walls and ceilings and transmit them in real time to other doctors around the country, so yes your brain can now be as big as the wall.  This is a pretty affluent area of the OC by the way. 

The hospital is cooperating and didn’t find any evidence of any infected equipment so I guess just may have been something in the room that day.  BD 

One of Orange County's largest hospitals has halted all elective surgeries after its accreditation came under review following an outbreak of surgical infections.

Mission Hospital performs about 7,000 surgeries a year, of which nearly 70% are elective.

Last week, the Joint Commission conducted an onsite survey at the hospital following reports that four patients who underwent orthopedic surgery had developed infections.

The accrediting body determined that there was an “immediate threat to health or safety to patients or the public,” and issued a preliminary denial of accreditation, Katie Looze, the commission’s spokeswoman, said in an email.

Last Thursday, the hospital voluntarily chose to postpone all elective surgeries at both its Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach locations out of an “abundance of caution,” said James Keany, the hospital’s associate director of emergency services.


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