We all should probably know how Facebook makes their money by now and actually if one is a bot your value is around $100 and if you are a “techno serf” in other words a human on Facebook, then you have a value of 1-2 cents.  How do you feel after reading this?  Actually this was explained in a video from Sean Gourley of Quid, a physicist and CEO of a technology company in the bay area.  I like what physicists haveimage to say as they are “grounded” and don’t get off too far in virtual world values and don’t forget about the real world.  Dr. Gourley did a very good video presentation on this and you can click here to watch, again physicists and mathematicians are so much better grounded than some of the others you see out there today. 

We all know that health insurers and others are buying up and selling every tidbit of data they can find on you to use in some type of risk assessment or scoring algorithms they use and if you haven’t noticed they are hiring a ton of Quants to further move into even more analytics. So let’s dice out some more information for them to mine and quantify against you?  I don’t think so, or at least in my book and anyone who would participate in such a community would be doing just that.  Again I’m being realistic here today with the way the data selling epidemic works in the US, every little stick they can go after, they do. 

Health Insurer Actuary Jobs Becoming More Difficult In the Era of Killer Algorithms, Can’t Function Like They Used To As Information Changes Take Place Daily And Hourly, More Insurance Companies Are Seeking Quants to Create New Math Models, The Next Level Up From Actuary Calculations

There are plenty of other sites where patients can meet and discuss their common ailments and even some of those have had issues with data selling, “Patients Like Me” being one example who ran into this and people felt sold out.  You have to watch and be aware of all of this as just this week we had the announcement of Walgreens and WebMD who stated they were going to share data and again it’s about what you purchase, what you search and how you can be possibly “scored” and your data packaged and sold to some other firms.  It’s an epidemic out there.  Here’s one as an example that gets your data from credit card companies and then they analyze, score and package your data for sale to health insurance companies.  In addition, some of the peer to peer loan companies buy this stuff as well. 

Argus Analytics Produces “Share of Credit Card” Data On Consumers - Digs Up The Dirt on Your Credit Card Behavior Patterns-US Consumer Protection Agency Is A Client-We Are Paying for Richard Cordray’s Slow Education Process

A while back I wrote about how insurers with all their data collection and selling efforts are in fact driving themselves off a cliff and it’s the addictive process thinking there’s one more bit of data out there about you that they might need, want, etc. so they end up with a lot of non relevant data in house and hire even more data scientists to try and find uses and see if they can create relevance, and so for consumers it’s a nightmare.  Insurers do a lot of scoring and they can sell this information as well. 

Health Insurance Business Is Driving Itself Off a Cliff & Doesn’t Know When to Stop With Collecting, Analyzing and Processing Non Relevant Data With Little Or No Impact On Giving Good Care..

If you have not reviewed the business model of the MIB who collects all kinds of information about you, might be a good idea to check in here as their model now as I read it recently is position themselves as more like a credit agency with the data it collects about you.  You can only get your MIB file if you have applied for or have had insurance in the last 7 years, now that doesn’t mean they are purging old information, oh no you don’t get that lucky as that can go back for years when insurers inquire and want a report.  So of course you would have the additional potential of some folks like this snooping around Facebook too.

MIB Business Model Changes Over the Years–They Still Collect Tons of Coded Data Files About You, Over 500 Insurers

Recently we had the Facebook so called “scientific study” which was really not much more than a frustrated data scientists wanting to tell you what they can control with code as this kind of stuff goes on there everyday and they just don’t tell you.  Doing this study with numbers is a tedious process and read the link below for what goes through the heads at the other side to get a different view and you’ll probably understand more about why these data scientists go off and want some attention as that’s an area where I think they too lack some real fulfillment as why else would they do this kind of stuff and not just go about business as usual..give this some thought from how the other side thinks.  I used to write code so I can say this and tell you that this type of thinking takes place on the other side, believe me.  It is what it is…

“Programming Sucks - Trimming Satan's Pubic Hair While He Dines Out Of My Open Skull” -From The Other Side of the Web: Programmers, Data Scientists, Etc..-Guest Post

For those that are even thinking about the possibility of participating in such communities if in fact Facebook decides to go along with this, then I suggest you might want to get your hands on a good book, “Virtual Unreality” which will give you a better understanding on how virtual and real worlds collide and how you get duped.  The book I think will help explain to you when you are being duped with “code hosing’ on the web when everything is not really as it seems.  The author, Charlie Siefe gets it and you can scroll down to the footer of this blog and watch a video from a couple years ago where he gave a lecture at New York’s Google headquarters, telling them too how they get duped with a lot of quantitated madness.  He teaches this too at NYU as he’s also a journalist as well. 

“Virtual Unreality” - Maybe A Good Read After the Fake Facebook “Science” Report To Help You Figure Out What’s A Virtual Value and What’s A Real Value Out There

So again, use the links and see how far you want to go with this if you are a Facebook user and look at what participation in such groups is going to cost you with privacy and others mining and using your data.  This is just one step further as we know it goes on every day already at Facebook and has made Mark Zuckerberg a very rich person with scamming off your data and the allowance of other apps to do the same for profit.  This is a big issue with confusing virtual and real world values and if you remember back a couple of years, Health and Humans Services Director, Kathleen Sebelius  was so very duped into all of this herself with wanting to run a Facebook contest and more, so the problem goes all the way up to the high leaders in government who are duped as well.  It is in fact scary when that occurs as their decisions and policies come down to affect all of us and we end up with some pretty crooked and unrealistic statistics and perceptions put out there that just do not make sense, again living in the virtual world too much. 

Furthermore we even get this duper madness from the White House email bot, one that I caught with a member of the White House using statistics that nobody can predict and if you want to generate support for Climate Control, I say don’t shoot yourself in the foot with duped perceptions that will cause folks like me and others to say “what are they doing, don’t they know you can’t predict those numbers” in essence.  It’s scary and we see it all the time with dupers in the world that are just living too virtual today and confuse those values with the real world.

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

So be a skeptic when you need to be and I would really suggest you think hard about any type of participation in such Facebook forums here if you want any privacy and want to remain at a lower risk with “flawed data” something being packed with other data and used against you.  I don’t care that Zuckerberg’s wife is a pediatric resident or not, he just wants more money, bottom line, as of course there will be advertising as well.  

Visit the Killer Algorithms page here for more videos from people smarter than me that explain the current system “code hosing” that impacts you almost everywhere you go today on the web.  BD 

The Attack of the Killer Algorithms….

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc (FB.O) already knows who your friends are and the kind of things that grab your attention. Soon, it could also know the state of your health.

On the heels of fellow Silicon Valley technology companies Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Google Inc (GOOGL.O), Facebook is plotting its first steps into the fertile field of healthcare, said three people familiar with the matter. The people requested anonymity as the plans are still in development.

The company is exploring creating online "support communities" that would connect Facebook users suffering from various ailments. A small team is also considering new "preventative care" applications that would help people improve their lifestyles.

Separately, Facebook product teams noticed that people with chronic ailments such as diabetes would search the social networking site for advice, said one former Facebook insider. In addition, the proliferation of patient networks such as PatientsLikeMe demonstrate that people are increasingly comfortable sharing symptoms and treatment experiences online.



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