Covidien if you will remember is the company Medtronic bought and is doing the tax inversion and isimage in the process of laying off 160 workers and the deal is due to close in November.  Covidien was formerly known as Tyco years back.   The layoffs are to take place in the Massachusetts office. 

Now we can add on some patent battles with J and J over this surgical device, along with a current class action lawsuit from shareholders against Medtronic. 

This is the second time the two companies have gone to battle over this same device and Covidien was awarded $175 million in damages before but that is said to be under appeal.  BD 

Covidien won the latest battle in its patent war with Ethicon Endo-Surgery today when the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut granted a preliminary injunction against Ethicon, preventing it from manufacturing, marketing, and selling an ultrasonic surgical device.

The injunction stems from a lawsuit filed by Ireland-based Covidien this summer that alleged that the Harmonic Ace+7 infringes three of its patents.

“Covidien operates within a highly competitive global health care environment. We are pleased that the court has recognized the value of our intellectual property. As demonstrated by our actions, we will vigorously protect our innovative products, solutions and intellectual property,” Chris Barry, president of advanced surgical at Covidien, says in a statement.

This also isn’t the first time the two companies have butted heads over Ethicon’s Harmonic line. A 2010 lawsuit filed by Covidien accused the Johnson & Johnson company of infringing the same patents in question during this latest bout. In that case, Covidien was awarded $176.5 million in damages, though the ruling is currently under appeal.


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