It just doesn’t stop with “The Grays” which is what I call the syndrome of those who confuse virtual world values with the real world.  This has been building and building for a long time and now it’s gone to being ridiculous.  We had the scorning tone of the CDC with their statement almost blaming the nurse who contracted Ebola.  The Dallas hospital was the first to try this with blaming the medical records system which was not at fault at all.  It seems to be a pattern that is repeated over and over. 

Dallas Hospital Blames EMR for Series of Events That Occurred With Ebola Patient–A Bit Outrageous In Nature And Unfounded

We had it as the VA as well when they tried to write a report using quantitated justifications to make the blow look a little less.  At this point “The Grays” are really exposing themselves as we know better and you can’t keep fooling people with numbers and formulas. You will get called on them and it’s not a pleasant experience when you do.  I called the White House a couple months back for using “junk” science numbers that nobody could predict.  I have seen a deteriorating email bot there for quite a few months now as well.  When I saw Biden and Obama doing “selfies” that was my cue too that they are lost in “The Grays” and I do hope they come back.  It’s not impressive at all when we see public displays like this that people can see through and it makes me feel like there’s an attempt to dummy me down.  Well that won’t happen to me as I think I’m ahead of most of this.

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…
VA Crisis Just The Tip of the Iceberg As US Needs a Full On Healthcare Culture Change Everywhere To Get Back In Touch With the Real World of Patients…

Actually when it came to healthcare, I had this fear way back in 2009 when Kathleen Sebelius was nominated to run HHS as I said then and it’s still true now that she would be no contest to the elaborate and sophisticated Quant generated business models used by insurance companies and yes I saw back and watched as she was railroaded, again with math and using intelligence way beyond her comprehension.   I guess she was too far in the dupe that she bought everything to even having us watch silly HHS Facebook contests and more.  So I guess it could be worse with Ebola if she was still running HHS you could say.

Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas Governor for HHS – Please not! Put the “Smart” People in these key positions

So in reading this article below I have to say I feel some of the very same sentiments.  What is CDC thinking?  I realize we are needing to implement protocols but is there public appearance now one of a templated format?  Now the CDC says they need to “rethink” the the Ebola response, which at least we have that but again we come back to the same old thing with people not being able to tell the difference between virtual world values and the real world.  Here’s a short clip from a recent post with Dr. Halamka CIO at Harvard Medical and there’s a few parts here that worth a quick listen, like going back t Healthcare.Gov and “IT has already bought Ebola”…few word of political wisdom here. 

Ok so back on track it seems the CDC has some re-grouping to do as well and possibly “think” about their commenting before going live on TV and there could be a little note here too for the some journalists in the way some of this gets reported.  Again I could not believe the EMR blaming and the subsequent blaming of the nurse who caught Ebola.  See what I mean about “The Grays”…it’s all over.  Ebola is a “real world problem” and there’s no algorithms or math models that are going to come out of the virtual world to fix it, this is a “real world” problem that needs “real world” attention and focus and now of all times we need to focus on not getting stuck in the virtual world.  BD 

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

This unwelcomed phenomena that exists today…”The Grays”….Mike Osinski who wrote the software banks used and abuse for sub-prime gives us the message loud and clear…of course he lives in the real world today. 

And what are we told by the authorities? That cutting off contact would contribute to the spread of the epidemic. “Just how?” we are entitled to ask. But no explanation is given because, of course, there is none. We were also told that the disease would not come here. And, when it did come here, we were told that it could easily be contained. And, when it was not contained and a medical professional wearing all the proper gear came down with the disease, we were told that he did not follow the protocol.

Perhaps, the medical professional in question really did fail to follow the protocol, though, he apparently has no notion how he fell short. Perhaps, that is it; then again, perhaps not. Honesty would require that the director of the CDC tell the truth — which is, that he does not know how this particular individual contracted Ebola.

This is what is now going on with the Centers for Disease Control. In recent years, this well-respected outfit has branched out, opining in a politically correct manner on one issue after another outside its proper remit. Now it is faced with a matter absolutely central to its responsibilities — actual disease control — and it flips and flops and flounders because the ultimate boss, the President of the United States, cannot bring himself to put limits on contacts between Americans and the citizens of the countries in Africa where there is an Ebola epidemic.

What a country we have become! We have journalists who prostitute themselves for a political party. We have civil servants who will gaily break the law for partisan purposes. We have cabinet members who do not believe in the policies they are called upon to implement, but who do not resign. We have an Attorney General who thinks that the obstruction of justice is his job. And we have a Congress unwilling to call anyone to account.


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