You can tell ZDoggMD has been hanging out a lot more in Texas of late as he use to be moreimage of a rapper and looks like Texas county and western have won him over with this song.  He’s a doctor that entertains, when he has time. 

He did one a couple years ago about Christmas time when he was still practicing in California.  He has since moved to Las Vegas with an interesting partnership there to help improve healthcare and make it affordable. 

Feed The Wards Video From ZDoggMD–His Christmas Wish Granted-Not On Call This Year!

He’s the CEO of Turntable Health in Las Vegas now.   He’s come a long way from Rapping in Berkeley:)  This is the latest and we all need a laugh once in a while and he does it and gets a message across at the same time.  What’s his next video going to and western or back to rap?  Below is another lecture he gave talking about how he got into medicine, the whole story.  BD

Are Zombie Doctors Are Taking Over America- TED Dr. Damania Reinventing Primary Care, Making it Affordable Without Routine Health Insurance Headaches For Care…


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