The physicians were stating it lacked features.  Recently the DOD and Military have been collaborating on the subject of medical records and looking at the system used by the VA, called Vista.  The use of both systems though would require interoperability to talk to each other as well, something private industry is working on presently with a vengeance, so nothing new here with the progression of medical records, as everyone is going in the same direction.  BD

Military health providers have numerous complaints about AHLTA, the Military Health System’s electronic medical record system.
That was the inescapable conclusion to be drawn from the latest Web hall sponsored by MHS and conducted June 20. Participants posted comments on a message board at the MHS Web site, to which MHS staffers responded.
There were more than 150 comments, the overwhelming majority negative. Among the more general complaints: AHLTA is too slow, it transforms health care providers into typists and clerks, and its system for generating medical notes is inefficient.


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