The cardiovascular point of care tests will be marketed by Roche Diagnostics.  The test will located elevated levels of the markers for BNP, which are indicators for heart failure.  A very sophisticated technology that will allow for hospitals to check with a simple test to see if a patient in the ER room is a potential heart failure candidate quickly.  The test would serve to offer more information when treating a patient when there is little or no medical background information available.  BD

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared a imageResponse Biomedical point-of-care test that serves as an aid in diagnosing heart failure, the company said today.

The RAMP NT-proBNP test identifies the marker for BNP, which is secreted from the heart’s left ventricle in response to pressure overload, and it regulates blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance, and fluid volume. image

Kay also said that the test is “clinically concordant” with Roche’s Elecsys proBNP test, allowing hospitals to standardize their decisions based on tests from their emergency rooms and central labs.


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