Some have annual contracted rates and some have a fixed or hourly fee, as complicated as healthcare has become, sometimes it can pay to get some help.  There many levels of the advocacy business and some cost a lot more, those set up to cater to the wealthy or well to do crowd, but there is help at every level.  image

Employers are beginning to contract with them as well, so it depends on the individual need, short term or long term and exactly what area in healthcare you need help with.  If working with billing situations, that might be considered short term for one procedures or treatment.  The help both the insured and the uninsured.  There are also volunteers in this field who donate their time for free to help individuals find the information and healthcare they need.  If you are confused and need help, perhaps the Medical Advocacy might be in a position to offer some relief.  BD 

Currently, the health advocacy business is an industry with about $50 million to $75 million in annual revenue but only about a dozen companies of any significant size, said Richard Rakowski of Intersection LLC, a Connecticut-based investment and development firm that has researched the field. But those numbers have grown from a few years ago, and it may be on track to become a $1 billion industry based on the demand for the service, said Rakowski, the firm's principal.
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Booming business helps patients navigate medicine


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