The debate continues on, but in some areas of California you can get a pot card under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.  Clinics such as this one have established support groups.  In Los Angeles, there is a pot vending machine, but it comes with an armed guard and camera to help those get legally approved marijuana.  A summary of prior posts on the topic can be read here.  BD 

Why?" she asked emphatically. "Why should we be made to feel like lawbreakers when we're only taking what our doctors prescribed?" Victor, a Temecula resident, is talking about medical marijuana. It's a volatile subject, and the ongoing debate over its use is a source of great concern for people like her. A new support group in Riverside is offering help. Victor suffers from multiple sclerosis, seizures and agoraphobia. She's taken many traditional medications with little results and life-altering side effects including depression, mood swings and exhaustion.

Group backs medical marijuana - San Bernardino County Sun


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