Ed McMahon has been in the news lately over financial issues with his home and now he claims the hospital failed to X-ray his neck after a fall and he left with a broken neck.  The imagehospital has not commented yet.  This is sad to see someone we loved for years on television every night to go through the agony of both pain and financial issues, plus it is all being played out in the media. 

This may be a long battle as it moves forward with all medical records being scrutinized and a couple other surgeries at the hospital are reviewed.  I remember well all the publicity he had for years giving away the money for publisher’s clearing house and now it appears he could stand to win a little for himself.  BD 

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Ed McMahon, the long-time sidekick to talk show host Johnny Carson, sued a Los Angeles hospital on Friday, claiming its doctors failed to diagnose his broken neck after a fall and discharged him without taking an X-ray. McMahon, 85, also accused Cedars-Sinai Medical Center of botching two subsequent spine operations, and the entertainer claims to have suffered months of discomfort and pain.

Ed McMahon sues hospital over injury | Entertainment | Reuters


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