It used to be we would hear some type of concern, but the comments here sound like a torrid of anger, hope this is not a sign of the times when it comes to working with carriers for health care.  It makes it sound more like a war than a negotiation process towards working to achieve better healthcare and coverage.  BD 

“Blue Shield spokesman Tom Epstein defended the cancellation of the Simoes' coverage and called the suit "a cheap political stunt" that was "totally without merit."

The cancellation was highlighted by Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo as an example of the allegedly abusive practices at the heart of a lawsuit he filed Wednesday on behalf of the residents of Los Angeles against Blue Shield. The suit contends that Blue Shield has illegally canceled the coverage of more than 850 policyholders including people like the Simoeses since 2002.
In the past, Blue Shield has said that it cancels policies rarely and that the practice is a legal and necessary tool to combat fraud. The Blue Shield suit is similar to those that Delgadillo filed earlier this year against insurers Anthem Blue Cross and Health Net. Like Blue Shield, those companies have denied wrongdoing and say they rescind coverage only when necessary.

Blue Shield sued for allegedly lying about its coverage - Los Angeles Times


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