If you haven’t heard enough about Medical Tourism, they are taking it on the road now.  Health screenings, including blood pressure and cholesterol testing, disease management counseling will be offered to attendees with giveaways and prizes drawn. 

It is not free and requires a $5.00 registration fee by signing up on the web.  The first show doesn’t make it’s stop until October in Dallas.  What else will go on the road next, doctors, hospitals, nurses, or MRI's?    BD 

RICHMOND, VA, DALLAS, TX and AUSTIN, TX, Jul 23, 2008 (MARKET image WIRE via COMTEX) -- U.S. residents will have their first look at the vast array of options for accessing high quality medical care at significantly lower costs when the Medical Travel RoadShow makes its first stops in six cities hosting Your Health Expos www.themedicalroadshow.com


First Opportunity for U.S. Consumers to Explore Medical Travel: The Medical Travel RoadShow Debuts in Six U.S. Cities - MarketWatch


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