We keep reading the articles about the problem with alcohol in the UK being a problem, well it looks like they are not alone and we give them a run for the money in California, or at least this is the only state with some statistics to report.  BD 

Marin Institute, the alcohol industry watchdog, held a news conference and town hall meeting in Los Angeles today to release the disturbing findings of its landmark report, The Annual Catastrophe of Alcohol in California. Such a comprehensive study has never been done in California.  Marin's study calculates that moderate-to-high alcohol consumption in California is costing roughly $1,000 per resident. By comparison, tobacco costs California approximately $550 per resident.

California Alcohol Problems Drain $38 Billion Annually


  1. Yes, it is a increasing problem, nation wide. As a recovering alcoholic, who never binged or ever rarely drunk, for 30 yrs, I've paid dearly with my health & the loss of my beautiful husband, who died from the exact same cause.
    I thought we were rare, but apparently NOT! I certainly understand, as we both used liquor to calm our nerves & relieve stress, but NOW, there is no cure for the illness, therefore, worry & stress are full time players in my life !!!
    We are trying to convince our Government Leaders, to enforce legislation, making all Liquor manufacturers, have large warning labels on every container, & while they're at it, increase the purchase prices as well! Hopefully to deter consuming as much !!!
    Drinkers have my sympathy's 100%,
    but, I wouldn't want this illness to hit even my worst enemy !!
    If you'd like a copy of the 2 pg story, just let me know.
    Many thanks.
    Sheila Joyce Gibbs

  2. Alcohol really causes a lot of damage to the pockets of the residents in California, and the taxes of the people are at stake here. The local government must find a remedy to this so that there is no wastage of money, and also preventing alcohol on victimizing others.


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