According to this article, a patch would transmit the results direct to a cell phone, more telemedicine in the works?  If the efforts are successful, this would allow imagemore to be tested though the technology as the results could be relayed back to the physician or hospital.  Biotech at work once more by using a biomarker with an assay combining the lab portions of the test on the patch with the software of a cell phone to transmit.  A urine sample would be placed on the sensor test strip with a reaction time established and off to the cell phone the data would travel.  BD 

The companies will combine Gentag's cell phone technology with MacroArray's urine-based cancer diagnostic. Gentag has found a way to integrate radiofrequency identification sensors and wireless cell phone technology to provide a non-invasive, low-cost, and disposable testing method through the use of skin patches or immunoassays.

The companies hope that the new test will replace the traditional PSA blood test as a more rapid, effective method of prostate cancer diagnosis.

Medical Devices Today: Gentag and MacroArray Develop Prostate Cancer Diagnostic


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