One item mentioned is that the average age at the FDA is 54 and that 30% are eligible to retire.  It sounds like perhaps a move to bring some new faces in to action.  In a related story there’s an anonymous website with both former and present  employees who’s goal appears to be to expose any and all flaws of the FDA relative to how the agency functions and treat employees, perhaps somewhat of a “National Inquirer” scenario type of site regarding the FDA.  Recently under question was the bonus program used within the agency and that discussion doesn’t appear to have dissipated as well.  BD 

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - The Food and Drug Administration has unveiled a plan for recruiting young staffers to replace the hundreds of scientists retiring from the agency. The FDA said Thursday it will launch a two-year fellowship program for physicians, chemists, statisticians and other science professionals interested in food and drug regulation. About 30 to 40 fellows will be accepted for the first program, which begins in October.
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FDA unveils plan to recruit young science staffers


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