The issues at hand goes back to 2006 with deviations from specifications on drugs, and now it is up to the Congress and the FDA once more.  Did the FDA knowingly allow suspected drugs to continue to be sold?  Ranbaxy makes a lot of different generic drugs and there’s no mention of the ones in question.  This one could get hot depending on what the investigations return, federal agents raided the New Jersey plant earlier this year.  I just hope there’s not another “economic decision” somehow involved. I sure hope this is not a widespread condition.  BD    

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused $1.6 billion (sales) Ranbaxy Laboratories, India's largest pharmaceutical firm, of selling adulterated drugs. In a motion filed July 3 in federal court in Maryland, the Justice Department alleged that Ranbaxy, one of the world's biggest generic drug makers, has engaged in a "pattern of systematic fraudulent conduct," including false and fabricated information submitted to the Federal Drug Administration, as well as attempts to conceal from the FDA "violations of current good manufacturing practices regulations."
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