Going out to eat now in New York gets a little more informative.  One question that comes to mind is how many customers will read and will this make a difference on how we eat?  I guess as time moves on and we have some figures we will know more.  We all pretty much know that big slice of chocolate cake is going to have a large amount of calories, much more than the serving of carrots that came with our meal. 

Overall this will be a good thing to make consumers aware of what they are eating, if they take the time to read, but what about when one decides to load up the carrots with a few packets of butter?  Will it make a difference in our choices?  BD

As of midnight last Friday, big chain restaurants in New York City can now be fined between 200 and 2,000 dollars if they do not show calorie counts on their menus. Since May, city health inspectors have had the authority to cite restaurants that did not comply with the new ruling, but the right to fine them has only just come into force. Over 12,000 restaurants have been cited up to 12th July, according to the New York Times.

New York Restaurants Can Be Fined For Not Showing Calories


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