The battle continues with IHHI hospitals and the CEO, Bruce Mogel, and this time there’s a bit more at stake in the new lawsuit.  They all have said that he has lied about his past and in general state that he’s not what they call honest.  The physician’s group and Bruce Mogel continue to battle, but nobody’s making any money at this either.  The doctors have asked that the board sue Mr. Mogel for wrongful conduct as well.  He still owns 40% of the corporation through his relationship with Dr. Kali Chaudhuri.  Who knows how much longer the battle will continue as the updates float in and out of the news as events occur.  BD

A group of doctors is accusing one of Orange County's top hospital executives of setting up a physician on a phony gun charge. When Santa Ana police briefly arrested Dr. Michael Fitzgibbons at Western Medical Center Santa Ana in June 2006, the lawsuit says, Mogen was watching from a window. "People don't know how powerful I am," he said, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit by Orange County Physicians Investors Network charges Mogel, Integrated Healthcare Holding Inc.s' chief executive, with breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. The suit also names IHHI.

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