This is scary and probably the numbers are reflective in many states, family practice is slowly dying on the vine, and one big reason is payment compensation.  International graduates are helping fill the bill to a degree.  The workload is heavier too with family practice physicians seeing more than twice the amount of office patients as a specialist would. We all recognize this fact, but what is being done? 

More work and patients for less pay?  It surely seems to look this way and many physicians have also left a private practice to work for a large health group, whereby they are on a salary and pretty much work their own shift, thus the private practice as we know it today is also an endangered species.  BD 

This spring, 385 students graduated from Georgia's medical schools, but only two of them chose to remain in the state to pursue a family medicine residency. Overall, 20 students, or 5 percent, chose to go into family medicine — half the number that it was just five years ago.


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