Dior cosmetics are not the only ones in legal trouble, there are a few others, but the exposure to lead can cause some serious effects, but not known if there’s enough in lipstick, and I guess it might depend on how much lipstick on would wear.  Some state imagethat the FDA has been slow to issue public warnings as it is not illegal for lipstick to have unlimited amounts of lead, so the court cases move on.  Some manufacturers have made changes to product products without lead.  Again, given a choice, I’ll take mine unleaded.  BD 

Class action against a top manufacturer of women's perfumes and  makeup has been given the green light to proceed in the United States. The legal action is against the major luxury goods company giant LVMH and concerns lipstick produced for Dior which has been found to contain unacceptably high levels of lead. Dior's Addict Positive Red lipstick apparently contains double the safe level of lead and is at the centre of the case but is by no means the only culprit.
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Class action over lead in lipstick


  1. What is next, where were these lipsticks made is it the country that put lead in everything they made, I really wonder if America cannot make things for themselves, what really is their problem in such case.


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