If you are familiar with Wikipedia, Knol will be no problem to understand and work with.  There are a few changes though with authors not being anonymous with their entries as is the case with Wikipedia. 

They would like real names, but that is an option.  Readers can also request changes to articles created, but the author has the final word.  Google will not be editing content.  Authors choosing not to use a real name will have the availability to have their real identity (especially if one chooses a pen name) to have their real identity  confirmed with a phone or credit card process, and these articles will show a ""verified" stamp.  image

This looks to be very interesting with adding accountability to what is written.  What is first on the featured page, items on healthcare.  image

You can use your Google email address to log in and get started.  It looks like we now have another alternative to looking up definitive information on the web.  BD 

Google has launched Knol, its user-generated online encyclopedia, which it announced in December but had kept under wraps in private testing. Although its goal and approach are similar to Wikipedia's-- to tap the collective knowledge of Internet users within an encyclopedia format-- Knol is different in several ways. Knol will encourage writers to use their real names.

Google Opens Doors to Knol - Yahoo! News


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